The Chicago cartoonist collective Trubble Club read their open-submission online exquisite-corpse opus The Infinite Corpse, allowing the audience to direct the choose-your-own adventure by pointing at the screen with laser pointers, while Ian McDuffie played the part of the strip protagonist Corpsey; Jeremy TinderBen Bertin, and Kevin Budnik embodied supporting characters; Lyra Hill narrated; Tyson Torstensen improvised synth accompaniment; and Grant ReynoldsAaron Renier, and Danielle Chenette, behind the screen, drew backgrounds on overhead projectors in an effort to keep up with the unpredictable (unprecedented) plot at Brain Frame 13 on July 28th, 2013.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry and Cynthia Post.

Impromptu Trubble Club at Cafe Mustache nicely captured by Kevin Budnik.

Is It Bad?

Trubble Club Self-portraits from CAKE 2013

Trubble Club HQs around Chicago

Quimby’s window installation (2008)

Trubble Club #5 release party at Post Family (2012)


Photo from the "AAIEEE!" comics exhibit at the Kohler Arts Center, curated by Jeremy Tinder.  (It’s a comics jam I made with Trubble Club and Karl Wirsum.  The B&W image above is my contribution.)  This is a sister show to the amazing Ray Yoshida collection currently exhibited there along with Imagist works, Joseph Yoakum pieces, and much more.

Trubble Club paints a wall at MCA for Saturday Strip