A little tidbit from the upcoming Brain Frame Yearbook!

Trubble Club hijacked the Photobooth at Quimby’s Bookstore on Free Comic Book Day. They used their psychic powers to channel portraits of YOUR inner-self. Some results:

A few more photos of our Trubble Corpse for the Afterimage show, courtesy of Alison at DePaul Art Museum.


This is happening at Quimby’s Book Storefront for the next hour. Guerrilla spiritual photo booth!



May 3rd


Don’t miss it.

Join the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE] at Quimby’s Bookstore [1854 W North Ave] on Saturday May 3rd 7pm to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Chicago’s Trubble Club!

This year, the  has modified the Quimby’s photo booth to capture your true essence. Come hang out with some of Chicago’s best comics artists as they collaboratively reveal your inner self by interpreting psychic signals from their magical photobooth. Snacks and refreshments will be provided by CAKE, and free comic books will be available for pick up (while supplies last).

Trubble Club started as a group of Chicago-based cartoonist making jam comics. While we still do that, and love doing that, we’ve been branching out. The Infinite Corpse is a never-ending webcomic spearheaded by Trubble Club, that includes panels by both totally unknown artists, and institutions, like Art Speigelman and Kim Deitch. We have also recently done commissioned installations for the Museum of Contemporary Art, The DePaul Art Museum, and the John Michael Kohler Art Center.

The  [CAKE] is a weekend-long celebration of independent comics, inspired by Chicago’s rich legacy as home to many of underground and alternative comics’ most talented artists– past, present and future. Featuring comics for sale, workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions and more, CAKE is dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small presses, publishers and readers. This year’s CAKE is May 31 & June 1st at the Center on Halsted (3656 N Halsted), and is free and open to the public.

Visit or e-mail for more information.

Sat, May 3, 7pm – Free Event
Quimby’s Bookstore Chicago, IL


These screenshots are from the video documenting the Afterimage show at the DePaul Art Museum in 2012. Trubble Club was asked to participate in the show, and we created this giant Trubble Corpse sculpture (see: exquisite corpse, jam-comics, and the Infinite Corpse).

I just watched this video for the first time, and it was so exciting to see our work again, along with those of our peers, as well as all the familiar faces of our friends and former professors from SAIC. I’m so happy to have it all documented like this, and I almost cried when I saw Karl Wirsum standing beside the Trubble Corpse. He was a huge influence on my work in particular, and I know other Trubble Clubbers have shared the same sentiment. In my mind this sculpture was always a love letter to his work, thanking him for all he’s done.

(via benjaminmarcusi)


The Chicago cartoonist collective Trubble Club read their open-submission online exquisite-corpse opus The Infinite Corpse, allowing the audience to direct the choose-your-own adventure by pointing at the screen with laser pointers, while Ian McDuffie played the part of the strip protagonist Corpsey; Jeremy TinderBen Bertin, and Kevin Budnik embodied supporting characters; Lyra Hill narrated; Tyson Torstensen improvised synth accompaniment; and Grant ReynoldsAaron Renier, and Danielle Chenette, behind the screen, drew backgrounds on overhead projectors in an effort to keep up with the unpredictable (unprecedented) plot at Brain Frame 13 on July 28th, 2013.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry and Cynthia Post.

Impromptu Trubble Club at Cafe Mustache nicely captured by Kevin Budnik.

Is It Bad?

Trubble Club Self-portraits from CAKE 2013